Saturday, 07 December, 2013
10:30 Introducing LSVisCom   (Slides)
10:45 Invited Talk: Real-time object class recognition and search in large databases
Lorenzo Torresani (Dartmouth College)   (Slides)
11:30 Invited Talk: Privacy and Security in Large Scale Visual Commerce
Venu Govindaraju (SUNY, Buffalo)   (Slides)
12:15 Lunch Break
13:45 Invited Talk: You are what you wear: Discovering Attributes, Parsing Clothing, and Recognizing Socio-Identity
Tamara L. Berg (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)   (Slides)
14:30 Invited Talk: Perceiving 3D objects and space from images
Silvio Savarese (Stanford University)   (Slides)
15:15 Discovering Pictorial Brand Associations from Large-Scale Online Image Data
Gunhee Kim (CMU), Eric Xing (CMU)
15:35 Distribution of Best Paper Award
15:40 Coffee Break
16:10 Panel Discussions moderated by Serge J. Belongie (UC, San Diego)
17:00 Social event (30 min)