Arnon Dagan

Arnon Dagan
Research Scientist

Arnon is a research scientist at eBay, structure data team. His main area of research includes natural language processing and information retrieval. He joined eBay in 2015 and has been involved in projects such as matching items to products and product title selection, which are currently in production.

Arnon received a Master’s degree in computer science with a thesis in the field of search games from the Haifa University at 2004. Prior to joining eBay, Arnon worked as a researcher at EverythingMe and was part of a search engine group. He helped to solve complex data/engineering challenges using large volumes of data and machine learning algorithms to create state-of-the-art classification products along with creating a new contextual search engine. He also worked as a researcher at NewBrandAnalytics, where he was involved in challenging NLP projects: Sentiment analysis, opinion extraction, and categorization.

Arnon has also worked in other roles related to big data in companies such as Microsoft and IBM. He has over fifteen years of development experience working with data and over six years of research experience working on machine learning projects.