Saab Mansour

Saab Mansour
Research Scientist

Saab has more than 10 years of experience in natural languages processing (NLP) with a focus on machine translation (MT).

In 2008, he obtained his Master thesis from the Israeli institute of Technology (Technion) working on tagging and segmentation of Hebrew and Arabic with a focus on out-of-vocabulary words. Later, he moved to Aachen, Germany to join the group of Hermann Ney working in the field of MT. As a research assistant he built MT systems for competitive projects such as BOLT and QUAERO and participated in international evaluations including the NIST MT evaluation and the IWSLT evaluation developing state-of-the-art MT systems. In his free time, he pursued his Ph.D. (still ongoing) focusing on the field of domain-adaptation for MT, i.e., manipulating models trained on newswire data to perform well on the e-commerce domain.