Data Design for Personalization: Current Challenges and Emerging Opportunities

Workshop at WSDM-2014

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Personalization is central to most Internet experiences. Personalization is a data-driven process, whether the data are explicitly gathered (e.g., by asking people to fill out forms) or implicitly (e.g. through analysis of behavioral data). It is clear that designing for effective personalization poses interesting engineering and computer science challenges. However, personalization is also a user experience issue. We believe that encouraging dialogue and collaboration between data mining experts, content providers, and user-focused researchers will offer gains in the area of personalization for search and for other domains. This workshop is part of a larger effort we are developing: D2D: Data to Design - Design to Data. Our vision is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in computer and systems sciences, data sciences, machine learning, information retrieval, interaction and interface design, and human computer interaction to interact. Our goal is to explore issues surrounding content and presentation personalization across different devices, and to set an agenda for cross-discipline, collaborative engagement.
Elizabeth Churchill, Atish Das Sarma, Elizabeth Churchill, Atish Das Sarma
Categories: Human Computer Interaction