Geometric VLAD for Large Scale Image Search

ICML 2014 workshop on New Learning Models and Frameworks for BigData
Geometric VLAD for Large Scale Image Search
Zixuan Wang, Wei Di, Anurag Bhardwaj, Vignesh Jagadeesh, Robinson Piramuthu
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We present a novel compact image descriptor for large scale image search. Our proposed descriptor - Geometric VLAD (gVLAD) is an extension of VLAD (Vector of locally Aggregated Descriptors) that incorporates weak geometry information into the VLAD framework.

The proposed geometry cues are derived as a membership function over keypoint angles which contain evident and informative information but yet often discarded. A principled technique for learning the membership function by clustering angles is also presented.

Further, to address the overhead of iterative codebook training over real-time datasets, a novel codebook adaptation strategy is outlined. Finally, we demonstrate the efficacy of proposed gVLAD based retrieval framework where we achieve more than 15% improvement in mAP over existing benchmarks.

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WACV, March, 2016

Fashion Apparel Detection: The Role of Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Pose-dependent Priors

Kota Hara, Vignesh Jagadeesh, Robinson Piramuthu

In this work, we propose and address a new computer vision task, which we call fashion item detection, where the aim is to detect various fashion items a person in the image is wearing or carrying. The types of fashion items we consider in this work include hat, glasses, bag, pants, shoes and so on.

The detection of fashion items can be an important first step of various e-commerce applications for fashion industry. Our method is based on state-of-the-art object detection method which combines object proposal methods with a Deep Convolutional Neural Network.

Since the locations of fashion items are in strong correlation with the locations of body joints positions, we incorporate contextual information from body poses in order to improve the detection performance. Through the experiments, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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